Dr Mark Atkinson

I Offer Clarity, Support & Personalized Plan-of-Action's to People with Cancer.

I Complement & Enhance The Services of Oncologists.

For most people - the keys to recovering from cancer - or living well with cancer, are to combine the best of conventional oncology care and innovative testing methods, with a personalized 'cocktail' of nutritional & botanical supplements, positive dietary and lifestyle changes and regular mind training practices. Ideally this is done under the guidance and support of someone who understands in depth all of these 'worlds'. My name is Mark Atkinson and I am a integral cancer medicine expert. I can advise you on how to enhance the effectiveness of your conventional cancer treatment, and address the underlying factors that might have contributed to the cancer. This is my privilege, passion and expertize. To learn more about my phone consultations click here.

Cancer Recovery Mind Training

Cancer Recovery Mind Training

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Helping You to Recover from Cancer
& Live Well with Cancer

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Jun 2015

What’s the most beautiful word in the English language?

Serenity, generosity, love and stillness are pretty good – but the one that wins hands down for me is humility. Humility is not meekness or timidity; it’s a quality of character that arises when we are being authentic, when we are being and living in the world with the quiet confidence of a person who is at peace with and accepting of who we are. Some of the most enlightened people I know are humble.


Mar 2015

The Power of Slow Thought Defusion

I have an invitation for you. Are you willing to use a simple self-help tool a minimum of five times a day for the next three days so that you can discover its extraordinary effects? This tool will not only help you de-stress and switch to a relaxed, balanced and creative state of mind in under a minute, but also help you access and experience your true nature as spacious awareness. When used consistently it has the potential to deepen and accelerate your journey towards emotional balance, true happiness and spiritual awakening. But please whatever you do, don’t believe me, find out the truth for yourself!

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