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As a mind-training expert and mind-body medicine physician my passion is teaching people how to work skilfully with their mind and emotions, and to live from higher states of consciousness. The result? A life characterized by a deep sense of inner fufilment and wellbeing, mental clarity, and a high level of physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Mind Training & Coaching process that i have created is a transformative, highly effective way to accelerate your ability to achieve the outcomes you desire. The keys to its success? A one-pointed focus on hacking the human ego, and upgrading the body and mind.

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Freedom Process Mind Training

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Aug 2015

The Mind's Effect on Healing

Does our mental state and mood influence our bodies ability to heal itself? That's a question I have been exploring for many years and the answer appears to be yes - to some degree. For example, a recent study carried out by Professor Kavita Vedhara a health psychologist at the University of Nottingham found that healing rates in people diabetes-related foot ulcers are influenced by their attitude and their state of mind.


Aug 2015

The Power of Flow

Can you think of a time in your life when you were completely immersed in the moment? Have you been so engrossed in something that you completely lost track of time? If so, you were in, what the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (chick-sent-me-hi) calls ‘flow’, an intense and effortless state of complete absorption with the present moment.

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