Dr Mark Atkinson, MBBS, BSc (HONS), FRSPH is a medical doctor and internationally-renowned authority on human well-being and personal effectiveness. Mark has taught thousands of people, including senior executives, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, students and patients, how to realize higher levels of well-being and effectiveness.

At the heart of Mark’s teaching is the reality that most people experience a fraction of their personal and professional potential because their mind, body and energy are working against them, not for them. The solution he offers is learning how to work skilfully with mind, body and energy, whilst living from the open, aware, well-being infused Core that exists beneath our mental chatter.

Before devoting his work full-time to teaching, speaking and writing, Mark spent 15-years working as a medical doctor specializing in helping people realize higher levels of well-being using a personalized mind/body approach. In addition to having a thriving Harley Street medical practice, Mark developed an innovative approach to coaching and personal development called Human Potential Coaching, co-founded the British College of Integrated Medicine and trained executives from North America, Europe, UK and Asia, in the art of self-leadership, the process of optimizing well-being and effectiveness.

Mark was also an award-winning health writer and author of numerous published books including The Mind-Body Bible and True Happiness.

Mark is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, Fellow of the American Institute of Stress and founder Member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He received his medical degree from the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, UK.

His website is www.drmarkatkinson.com