Dr Mark Atkinson, MBBS is an Internationally-renowned human potential teacher and founder of the Human Potential Institute. Mark teaches thousands of people each year about the how of Self-actualization - the process of living and loving consciously from Integrity.

Mark started his professional career as an integrative medicine doctor in the UK. In addition to having a thriving Harley Street practice, he helped create Europe’s first training course in integrative medicine for health professionals and appeared regularly as an expert guest on Europe’s most popular breakfast TV show – GMTV. He had several books published during this time including True Happiness, The Mind-Body Bible and Holistic Health Secrets for Women.

Just as Mark’s professional work was on the ascendency his life took an expected turn. A perfect storm of addictions, depression and anxiety combined with an inner knowing he was to leave medicine and surrender to the intelligence and flow of life, led to him going through a rite-of-passage, a life-changing process of inner transformation and letting go. He emerged from this, devoted to teaching from what was re-discovered.

Mark is a Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and Fellow of the American Institute of Stress. He received his medical degree from the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, UK.

His website is www.drmarkatkinson.com.