Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS, BSc (HONS)

Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS, a Imperial College-educated physician, is a internationally-renowned expert on higher-functioning states and personal energy management. His clients include thousands of patients, students, coach trainees and personal development workshop attendees, as well as CEOs, athletes, senior executives and health professionals.

Mark is the medical director of Bulletproof 360, the US-based high-performance company and Head of the Bulletproof Training Institute, provider of the world's premier high-performance and human potential coach training program. Mark is also a regular contributor to the #1 ranked health podcast on iTunes, Bulletproof Radio.

His published books include The Mind Body Bible, Holistic Health Secrets for Women and True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health.

Mark graduated in medicine from the Imperial College School of Medicine in London in 1997. He subsequently trained in the psychological intervention Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as accelerated learning techniques, hypnosis, meditation, functional medicine, NLP and the human givens model - a holistic approach to creating emotional health and a higher-functioning mind.