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26Jul 2010

Brit’s Talk But Do Not Act On Health

This headline caught my eye today as it encapsulates the truth that most of us have good intentions when it comes to healthy living, but few will consistently take action to improve and maintain their health.  In deed a survey by the new online service NHS MidLifeCheck found that 47 per cent of the adults admitted that, while they spend plenty of time talking about health, they rarely act to improve their own diet and fitness. So why is getting healthy so challenging for most of us?

In a nutshell, its down to habits. We do what we do because that’s what we have always done. We are creatures of habit. At one level that’s good because it enables us to function on autopilot – it keeps life relatively simple. But what if our habits are known to promote ill-health or less-than-optimal health? What if we habitually eat junk food, suppress our emotions, refuse to face reality, don’t get eight hours of sleep a night or fail to exercise at least 20 minutes on most days? Most of us know that these are are unhealthy habits. So what can we do to change? How can we bring about a positive shift in our choices and actions?

In a nutshell the solution as far as I am concerned is daily committed action. Intrigued to find out more? Take a look at my article on how to get and stay committed to your health.

Author: Mark Atkinson