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17Oct 2013

The Importance of Eating at least 5 a day

How many portions of fruits and vegetables do you eat on average every single day? Be totally honest with yourself, is it 2? 5? 8? 1? Or even none? If you are not sure, why not record your consumption of fruits and vegetables for the next 7 days, and then work out your average consumption.

13Aug 2010

What’s the best diet?

That’s a question I get asked often. After years of trying to find an answer I have come to the conclusion that their isn’t really one ‘best’ diet, that we all need to eat a diet that is individually tailored to us and our needs. Our age, gender, rate of metabolism, activity levels and level of health all influence what we need to eat. Some people have food allergies and sensitivities and therefore need to avoid or restrict certain foods. Some individuals need to eat a diet relatively high in protein, in order to experience a stable blood sugar and optimum health, others a diet low in protein. Put another way we really have to discover for ourselves what diet is best. However if I had to choose a dietary approach that comes near to ideal – I would probably go for the mediterranean diet.