If you have been diagnosed with cancer you probably have a lot of questions.

What are the best available conventional anticancer treatments, given the cancer type and stage that I have? How can I minimize the side effects, or treat the side effects, of surgery, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy? What nutritional supplements should I be taking? What dietary and lifestyle changes will help me?  What non-toxic methods should I consider in order to support my body’s natural cancer killing ability? How can I deal effectively with the stress and emotional turmoil that I am experiencing? What integrative or alternative cancer treatments or treatment centers could I consider? I have recovered from cancer, what can I do to prevent a recurrence?

One of my professional roles and privileges is to help answer these questions, as well as provide you with ongoing guidance and support as you navigate your cancer recovery process.

My name is Mark Atkinson and passion and expertise is teaching people with cancer how to recover from cancer, or live well with cancer, using a personalized integrative approach to cancer treatment and health optimization.

“Mark Atkinson is one of the world’s leading integrative cancer recovery specialists.”

Professor Karol Sikora - Highly Respected Oncologist & Past Chief of the World Health Organization's Cancer Programme

Cancer Recovery by Design Program

I developed the Cancer Recovery by Design Program with the simple intention of providing people with cancer (and their loved ones) with practical and personalized information and guidance on how to optimize the cancer recovery process.

My program includes:

  • Initial one-hour virtual consultation with myself
  • Provision of a Personalized Cancer Recovery by Design Report
  • 30 minute follow-up consultation
  • Cost: £500 GBP

To book an appointment please e-mail me











"I have had the immense privilege of knowing Mark Atkinson for many years – both personally and professionally. Mark is a huge inspiration to me and many, many people within the complementary medical profession. He is one of the kindest and most compassionate human beings you’ll meet."

Jayney Goddard - President of the Complementary Medical Association

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