If you have been diagnosed with cancer you probably have a lot of questions.

  • What can I do to maximize my chances of recovering from cancer?
  • What are the best available conventional anticancer treatments, given the cancer type and stage I have?
  • How can I minimize the side effects, or treat the side effects, of surgery, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy?
  • What nutritional supplements should I be taking?
  • What dietary and lifestyle changes will help me? 
  • What non-toxic methods should I consider in order to support my body’s natural cancer killing ability?
  • How can I deal effectively with the stress and emotional turmoil that I am experiencing?
  • What integrative cancer treatments or treatment centers could I consider?
  • I have recovered from cancer, what can I do to prevent a recurrence?

Cancer Recovery by Design Program

For most people - the master keys to recovering from cancer - or living well with cancer, is to combine the very best of conventional medicine, with a personalized 'cocktail' of nutritional/botanical supplements, positive dietary and lifestyle changes, select complementary medicine therapies and daily mind/body health practices. Ideally this is done under the guidance and support of someone who understands in depth all of these 'worlds'. My name is Dr. Mark Atkinson and I am the developer of the Cancer Recovery by Design (CRD) program. CRD is a personalized integrative approach to health improvement and cancer recovery. It is the fruit of 15 years of experience in helping thousands of people recover from challenging diseases.

The service I provide are designed to support and enhance your conventional cancer care treatment program.

“Dr. Mark Atkinson is one of the world’s leading integrative cancer medicine specialists.”

Professor Karol Sikora - Highly Respected Oncologist & Past Chief of the World Health Organization's Cancer Programme


My CANCER RECOVERY BY DESIGN MENTORING program consists of an initial 50-minute session conducted virtually by zoom, or by telephone. The cost is $300USD/225 GBP.

Following that, and if we are a good fit for each other, the Cancer Recovery by Design program consists of 8 sessions over a 4 to 6-month period. ($2200USD/1700GBP)

The mentoring is tailored to your specific needs and desired results. Typically, it includes:

  • A comprehensive health questionnaire
  • Review of your test results
  • Provision of a personalized Cancer Recovery by Design Plan.
  • A program for minimizing cancer/cancer treatment side effects.
  • A focus on improving the function of your biology. This can include: a personalized nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan; learning how to manage your energy, improve your physical fitness and quality of sleep, and helping to identify and address issues relating to gut health, dental health, toxicity and detoxification.
  • A focus on improving the function of your psychology. This can include: learning how to work with all of your emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, manage anger and fear, enhance gratitude and happiness, improve mindset, build resilience, master your attention, focus and perception, change/build better habits,
  • A focus on improving the function of your environment. This can include addressing issues relating to air quality, light/sound/noise/EMF pollution, toxcity and chemicals, mold, work and home space environment.
  • Recommendations of innovative technologies, tests, treatments and resources to support your health.



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