If you are sincerely committed to realizing your unlimited potential, and ready to embark upon a life-changing process of inner transformation, then welcome you are in the right place.

My passion and expertize is helping people, just like you to Live & Lead From Your Best Self.


The focus of my one-year mentoring program is supporting you in becoming a Conscious Self-Leader, a human being of maturity and mastery, fuelled by a high level of wellbeing and a deep connection to Life.

To be a Conscious Self-Leader is to Live & Lead From Your Best Self.


By becoming the CEO of your mind, health and habits.

By upgrading your operating system (and identity) from one that is thought-based and ego-centered to awareness-based and life-centered.

It is life-changing work.

As you engage wholeheartedly with the Conscious Self-Leadership process of inner transformation, your consciousness becomes liberated from identification with your survival-based, mental construct - the ego. Your life becomes an expression of the joyfulness, intelligence, clarity and unbounded openness that you rediscover. You come home to the source of your unlimited potential - your best Self. Of course, this is not for you to believe, but for you to discover!

Throughout the one-year we work together, and as your guide and mentor, I will support you in:

  • Accessing and living from a Wellspring of Inspiration, Purpose, Connection and Creativity.
  • Working skillfully with your Mind, Emotions, Perceptions and Energy So They Work For You, not against you.
  • Identifying Your Personal kryptonite - the biological, psychological and environmental factors that are compromising your health, effectiveness and ability to live and lead from your best Self.
  • Fixing Your Biology. This can include: a personalized nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan; learning how to manage your energy, improve your physical fitness and quality of sleep, and helping to identify and address issues relating to gut health, heart health, brain health, dental health, toxicity and detoxification.
  • Upgrading Your Mind. This can include: learning how to work with your emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, manage anger and fear, move beyond addictions and compulsions, enhance gratitude and happiness, build resilience, master your attention, focus and perception, and enhance your creativity.
  • Making Positive Changes To Your Environment. This can include addressing issues relating to air quality, light/sound/noise/EMF pollution, toxicity and chemicals, mold, work and home space environment.
  • Taking Charge of Your Habits and transforming limiting, unhelpful beliefs and behaviours.
  • Living in Harmony with the actuality of Reality (with what is) - and experiencing the freedom and clarity that ensues.
  • Engaging with Powerful Meditation and Breathwork Practices.
  • Deepening and enriching your Most Important Relationships.
  • Opening to Deeper Levels of Love & Intimacy.
  • Becoming a Conscious, Self-Actualizing Human Being.
  • Learning and embracing the 10 Practices Of Conscious Self-Leadership.


My Conscious Self-Leadership Mentoring program consists of 12, 90-minute, (monthly) mentoring sessions, unlimited e-mail support and two additional, 60-minute mentoring sessions when required. All of the sessions are conducted virtually using the Zoom video-conferencing platform. To apply please e-mail me.


For information about my two-day, onsite, Conscious Self-Leadership seminar please e-mail me

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