I offer a second opinion to people with health challenges who are looking for a integrative functional approach. I complement and enhance the services of your primary medical physician.

For most people - the keys to creating a high level of physical and emotional health are to identify and address the root causes of their symptoms; utilize innovative diagnostic and testing methods and harness the best of conventional medical care alongside a personalized 'cocktail' of nutritional & botanical supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes and daily mind/body practices. Ideally this is done under the guidance and support of someone who understands all of these 'worlds'. I do - it is my passion and expertize. I have been helping people take charge of their health for more than 17 years.


I will:

  • Work with you to discover what is stopping you from achieving your health goals and from experiencing a high level of health and well-being. This assessment will consider a wide variety of emotional, psychological, biochemical and environmental factors and issues.
  • Create a personalized dietary and nutritional supplementation programme that is designed to improve your health and vitality and balance your mood.
  • Teach you mind-body skills to reduce mind chatter and experience mental clarity and greater present moment awareness
  • Help you improve your emotional health by teaching you how to welcome and work with your thoughts (including overthinking, worry and black/white thinking), self-limiting beliefs and emotions (including fear, anger, guilt and grief) in a way that supports healing, insight and psychological freedom
  • Support you in making adjustments to your lifestyle and daily habits so that you are able to take care of your bodymind in a healthier, more balanced way.

The cost of the Integrative Health program is £350. For this you will receive

  1. Analysis of your forms/questionnaires prior to your consultation.
  2. An initial 45-minute virtual consultation.
  3. Two, 20-minute virtual consultations at fortnightly intervals.
  4. A e-mail summary of the session and a list of recommendations.
  5. Instruction in the mind-body tools and approaches that are best suited to you.

Please note: consultations cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time will be charged the full price

One-hour follow-up sessions thereafter cost £250 GBP.

To sign-up, please pay via paypal. I will then e-mail you with suggested dates and times for your initial session.

Consultation Options



“I regard Dr. Mark Atkinson as the UK's leading visionary within the field of integrative medicine."

Professor Karol Sikora. Highly respected oncologist and past Chief of the World Health Organization’s Cancer Program.

“I worked closely with Dr. Mark Atkinson during my second bout with cancer – I would strongly recommend him to assist in maximizing your chances of a full recovery.”

W. Brett Wilson. Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and three-season panellist on CBC Television's Dragons' Den.



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