If you are sincerely committed to realizing your fullest potential and ready to embark upon a life-changing process of inner transformation, then welcome you are in the right place.

My passion and expertize is helping people live and lead from their best Self.


The focus of my one-year mentoring program is supporting you in becoming a Self-Leader, a human being of maturity and mastery, of higher consciousness and greater effectiveness. To be a Self-Leader is to live and lead from your best Self. The core of my self-leadership approach is teaching you how to work skilfully with your body, mind and life energies in ways that liberate your consciousness from identification with ego. Your life then becomes an expression of the clarity, intelligence, joyfulness and unbounded openness that you rediscover. You come home to the source of your unlimited potential - your best Self. Of course, this is not for you to believe, but for you to discover!

The mentoring sessions take place once a month via zoom for one-hour. I will bring all that I am and know to those sessions in service of your highest unfolding and development. To apply click here.


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