Imagine this…

Your mind is clear, calm, focused and flexible. Your body is fit, trim, healthy and vital. You regularly experience a state of effortless flow in which you feel alive and aware, centered and connected -  allowing the best of you to meet the needs and opportunities of the present moment. When challenges and difficulties arise – you meet them with curiosity, resilience and a willingness to learn. You are flourishing and fulfilled. You feel grateful.

Dr. Mark Atkinson, integrative medicine physician, human potential teacher and developer of the Self-leadership program will teach you the principles and practices to help make this your reality.


Self-Leadership Training (SLT) is a comprehensive, one-year, human potential development mentoring program that provides you with the practices and processes to become physically and psychologically healthy, unfold your higher potentials and live from your best Self. It can unlock wellbeing and inner ease and a life replete with gratitude and creative inspiration.

As your personal mentor Dr Mark will support you in:

  • Upgrading your physical, emotional and psychological health.
  • Living in harmony with the flow of life.
  • Better managing your energy, focus and creativity.
  • Systematically identifying and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs, patterns, habits, self-deceit and stuck emotional charges.
  • Skilfully working with all of your emotions.
  • Managing pressure and challenges in ways that expand awareness and learning.
  • Accessing clarity about your gifts, talents and purpose and living aligned with that.
  • Making positive improvements in your relationships.
  • Integrating the principles and practices of Self-leadership into your personal and professional life.

The Self-Leadership Training Mentoing Program consists of 12, 90-minute, monthly mentoring sessions, conducted virtually (via zoom) or in person (Esher, Surrey, UK)

To apply please e-mail Dr Mark.  


Self-leadership Program

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