Imagine this…

Your mind is clear, focused and flexible. Your body, fit, healthy and vital. You regularly experience the high-performance state - a state of effortless flow in which you feel energized, centered and confident -  allowing the best of you to meet the needs and opportunities of the present moment. When challenges arise – you meet them with skillfulness and resilience. You return to a pervading sense of inner ease and freedom when you choose. Your personal relationships are healthy and thriving. You are fulfilled, living a life you enjoy, expressing the gifts you have. You feel grateful.

In this experiential seminar, Dr. Mark Atkinson, creator of Self-leadership 2.0, will teach you the foundational principles and smart practices to help make this your reality.


Self-leadership 2.0 is a high-performance, personal development training system that teaches you how to be the CEO of your Mind, Energy & Future.

The goal? To be and become the best version of yourself.


  • Skillfully Manage Your Energy, Focus and Productivity.
  • Shift Out of Low-Functioning, Distracted, Stressful Mind States into Higher-Functioning States On-Demand.
  • Respond to Obstacles and Challenges with Skillfulness and Resilience.
  • Systematically Fix your Biology, Upgrade your Psychology and Live Life Fully.
  • Make Lasting Positive Changes to Your Personality & Level of Effectiveness
  • Accelerate the Process of Self-Actualization - Unfolding and Living your Fullest Potentials.

Be prepared to be enlightened and inspired to take action!


 Self-leadership 2.0

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