Endorsements from My Peers

"I regard Dr. Mark Atkinson as the UK's leading visionary within the field of integrative medicine."

Professor Karol Sikora - Highly Respected Oncologist & Past Chief of the WHO Cancer Programme

"I have had the immense privilege of knowing Mark Atkinson for many years – both personally and professionally. Mark is a huge inspiration to me and many, many people within the complementary medical profession. He is one of the kindest and most compassionate human beings you’ll meet."

Jayney Goddard - President, The Complementary Medical Association


'Mark Atkinson's books and workshops are full of deep wisdom and insight. I've worked closely with him, and his authentic desire to help others is inspiring. He helps people to process their emotions and move forwards through mindfulness and 'heartfulness'. A gifted teacher and coach - highly recommended.'


Shamash Alidina M.A., Author of Mindfulness For Dummies

Professional Endorsements (for my book True Happiness)

At last we have a truly comprehensive handbook on how to evolve physically, psychologically, and spiritually. This is a valuable toolbox to help us take care of ourselves. Dr Atkinson speaks not only as a teacher but as an encouraging companion on the path, so I felt somehow held and guided at the same time.

David Richo PhD, Author of Daring to Trust: Opening Ourselves to Real Love & Intimacy

'With remarkable depth and wisdom, Dr Atkinson shows us how to find complete fulfillment in life. In vivid detail, this book offers reliable practices that transform our negative emotions, attitudes and thinking that imprison us in a state of unease. Such a rare jewel for integrating our mind, body and spirit!  

Jacquelyn Small, Author of the Sacred Purpose of Being Human, Transformers & Awakening in Time

'Many people muddle through life in partial coma, accepting a level of happiness and fulfillment that is only a fraction of their potential.  With only a slight change in perspective, a new life awaits. If you aspire to live life fully, deeply, vitally, Mark Atkinson's book is for you.

Dr Larry Dossey, Author of The Power of Premonitions and Healing Words

'True Happiness is a practical step-by-step guide to identifying and clearing the common blockages which stand in the way of real happiness. Full of sound psychology and wise advice, its eight pillars will guide you towards thinking and acting in ways that support your mental and physical health, and help you to create healthy and life-affirming relationships with others. Mark Atkinson reminds us that happiness does not come from outer success or circumstances. True happiness comes from within – and begins with self-love and acceptance of what is. This inspirational and heart-centred guide shows you how to get there.'

Gill Edwards, Clinical Psychologist & author of Conscious Medicine

'This wonderful book combines wisdom, depth and readability. In it, Mark Atkinson has mapped out a practical pathway to greater happiness, fulfillment and emotional skillfullness.'

Dr Chris Johnstone, Author of Find Your Power

'True Happiness contains a wealth of wisdom and practical suggestions for living a deeply fulfilling life. Combining his personal experience, his professional expertise, and a deep understanding of the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of being human, Mark Atkinson has created a holistic programme for happiness and well-being.”

Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason & Love for No Reason

'In a world where people are increasingly taking control of their own healthcare, it is crucial that they are given the most useful and important concepts and strategies. At the cutting edge of holistic healthcare, Mark Atkinson provides an inspiring, practical and encyclopedic approach of use to everyone.'

William Bloom, Pioneer of Holistic Living & Author of Soulution: The Holistic Manifesto

'Mark Atkinson is an acclaimed integrated health practitioner – this gives his thesis gravitas – but most importantly his passion for health, wellbeing, joy and happiness are infectious. This book should be prescribed to all!

Janey Lee Grace, Author of Imperfectly Natural Woman

'Mark Atkinson’s latest book shows him for the consummate practitioner and teacher that he is. This book contains a wealth of information on Happiness and Self-Care, together with valuable self check questionnaires to help us gain insight into where we are, and how to move forwards. Dr Mark looks at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of how to be healthy and happy, and provides excellent self-help approaches and resources. Reading this book makes me feel he is there helping me along the way. I wish I’d read it much earlier in my life. It will help many people to achieve what the title says – True Happiness. Congratulations!'

Dr Andrew Tresidder, GP, Author & Educator

''True Happiness is a refreshingly holistic overview of the many factors which affect human well-being. Mark Atkinson's approach has an amazing breadth, treating the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual with equal importance. The book contains a large number of effective practical exercises, and will be extremely beneficial to anyone who reads it.'

Steve Taylor, Author of Waking from Sleep & Out of the Darkness

'Mark Atkinson is a hugely welcome pioneer of a new generation of wholistic doctors who integrate the best of conventional and complementary approaches to overall health. True Happiness is an easily accessible and yet in-depth guide to achieving the emotional well-being that is the foundation of all health and real and sustainable happiness.What I find particularly important about Dr Mark's excellent book is that it is written from the heart. And also like many great healers, the insights gained from his personal life experience of healing his own inner unhappiness inspire, enlighten and substantiate his great work.'

Dr Jude Currivan, Author of The 8th Chakra, the 13th Step and CosMos (with Dr Ervin Laszlo)

‘I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It is easy to read and well paced.  8 sections allow each to stand alone and  develop into a complete self help manual.  I believe that  practical exercises are sound, safe  and grounded in scientific method. The effect will be to help you restore and retain well-being’.

Dr David Beales, Specialist in Mind-Body Medicine & Co-Author of Emotional Healing for Dummies

'Being a Holistic Doctor myself, researching preventative medicine and personal development for over 30 years, I can say that this book has the perfect tools that are simple to use and are applicable for everyone who is truly interested to improve the quality of their lives. Mark Atkinson has done his homework and his years of clinical practice show in the way he inspires even me to try out some of his techniques. I thought I had seen it all, but Dr. Atkinson deserves my uttermost respect for his accomplishments. I am truly impressed and so will be you.  It is my pleasure to recommend this book.'

Dr Roy Martina, Medical Doctor & Author of Emotional Balance

'True Happiness is written in the tradition of mind training that is further expanded and informed by the modern context of integral health. Mark Atkinson has provided the insights and tools for individuals to engage the process of transforming inner perspectives and behaviors into mind and lifestyles which support optimal health. A serious and well intentioned reader is certain to benefit from the author's wise and heartfelt offering.'

Dr Elliott Dacher Author of Integral Health



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