• Dr Mark Atkinson

A powerful antidote to Stress

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Think of a situation that you are feeling stressed about. Notice the thoughts that you are having about that situation and find a short sentence that encapsulates the essence of what it is that you are stressed about – for example ‘there is no way I’ll get this work done on time’

Now do the following:

Drop your attention into the lower part of your abdomen (just a couple of centimetres below your navel) and keep your attention their throughoutNow say the sentence very slowly and out loud, (if you are in a public place you can do it in your head – but it is even better if done out loud). There should be at least five seconds gap between each word. As you do this breath gently and THIS IS THE KEY keep your attention on the space in between each thought. If you notice your mind trying to rush things (which it tends to do!) just allow an even longer gap between each word. Now repeat this whole process two more times and having done so, notice what has changed about your experience. How do you feel? How do you now feel about the ‘problem’?

90% of the time people use slow thought defusion an extraordinary thing happens – they shift from identifying with a stressful thought to experiencing a sense of balance, spaciousness and calm – the true Self. Notice how when you are aligned with the true Self it transforms the way you feel and transforms your perspective on whatever the original situation or issue was!  Notice how relative to the issue you feel so much more powerful. If you choose to do so and whilst resting in this state of balance and awareness (the true Self), ask yourself this question:  what do I need to do to address this issue (whatever the stressful issue was)? More often than not one of two responses will arise, either the ‘problem’ is seen for what it was ‘just thoughts’ or you’ll just know how to deal with it in a practical, balanced and efficient way.

The truth is this – we were never supposed to believe everything we think! One of the fundamental skills for conscious living and personal development is choosing what to believe and what not to. What’s more as you start to live in alignment with the true Self life starts to unfold in incredible and often unexpected ways – its one of the master keys to living an deeply fulfilling life.

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