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The one sentence that changes everything

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

There is a keycode that allows you to instantly access your deeper nature. Joy, stillness, calm, spaciousness, aliveness, oneness, wisdom and compassion – all, plus more, are available to be experienced by you, right now, through the ever-present portal, that is your body. There is a method, a simple process that facilitates this. I call this inner technology the Freedom Process. It provides a means by which you can explore the fullness and totality of who you beyond your everyday mental chatter. It is a game-changer for many. Of course, don’t believe me, find out for yourself.


Many people experience a fraction of their personal and professional potential because their mind, body and energy work against them, not for them. Please let this sink in.

Imagine someone giving you a luxury, high-performance supercar to drive. Maybe an Aston Martin, McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari (or whatever car appeals to you most). You get in, press the ignition. It comes to life. You feel the immensity of its power. You sense the potential to have a wonderful experience and yet, no-one told you how to specifically use and drive this supercar. This is very different to your everyday car! And consequently, within seconds, you stall it. So, you press the ignition once more. Anxious, but excited, this time you are up and running, however the supercar is mirroring back to you your hesitancy, fear and uncertainty. It stutters, jerks and, after just 50 yards, stalls. What was originally an exciting proposition has turned into a frustrating experience. The gap between what was (your experience) versus what could have been (the potential) is considerable.

Q. What is the solution here?

A. To learn to drive that particular car competently – and eventually, with practice, patience and precise feedback, masterfully.

The potential of the car becomes fully realized when the driver knows how to drive it, is experienced in driving it and proactively takes care of it. And so it is with this the bodymind vehicle that has been gifted to you by life. You can think of your bodymind as being your spacesuit. It enables you to explore, learn and interact with life whilst here on planet Earth. It is a life-animated mechanism, an integrated system of extraordinary power and intelligence, whose potential, like the supercar, only becomes realized when you know how to use it, take care of it and take it to its edges.

Most people are unware of this – and end up neglecting it, abusing it, misusing it or obsessively trying to improve the appearance of it. Some of those same people even abuse and ridicule others based on the appearance, colour or size of their spacesuit. They don’t know that what they are judging is just a spacesuit.

So the question I have for you is this.

Do you know how to drive your bodymind vehicle competently? Masterfully? Are you providing your bodymind with the high-quality, life-sustaining energy it requires for optimum performance? Or, is your bodymind in charge of you? Are its habits, narratives and compulsions running the show? Are you the passive passenger, simply going wherever your programmed bodymind takes you?

Please reflect for a moment. Who is in charge?

Let’s run a simple diagnostic scan. It will allow you to get clear on whether you are in charge of your mind, body and energy, or not. What follows is a short-description of what life is like for someone who has a level of mastery of these three domains.


You are consistently feeling your best, performing your best and living from the open, aware, well-being infused Core that you discovered beneath your mental chatter. You feel connected to life, grateful, naturally inspired and whole. You use your mind when you want to. Too analyse, plan, reflect, imagine, problem-solve and create. You are naturally resilient, responsive and attuned to the needs and possibilities of the present moment. You rarely engage in or indulge negativity, blame, defensiveness, distraction, drama, victimhood, abuse, addictions, judgments, resistance, excessive control, chaos and rigidity. You know, you are 100% responsible for your inner experience, and when you get emotionally activated, caught up in judgements/drama/an emotional storm or notice a somatic contraction, you welcome it, explore it and allow the stuck energy to flow – to pass through your bodymind system fully and completely. You are naturally humble, confident, authentic and at ease - open, curious and accepting of yourself and others. You engage in daily practices, such as meditation, healthy self-care and conscious reflection, that support the emergence of your best. You surround yourself with people and an environment that supports, not undermines your health, vitality and performance.  You are openly striving to create a conscious, integrated life, one in which your deepest knowing, talents and unique gifts are flowing through you. You are committed to the truth of reality and to being an active, engaged conduit for life. You know true joy and inner peace. You walk your talk, live from integrity and when you make mistakes, you smile, learn and re-engage.

In summary you are being and becoming your True Self, living from your open, aware, well-being infused Core.


The process of being and embodying your True Self, is challenging, arduous, liberating and revelatory. Over the last 15 years of teaching and supporting people in realizing higher levels of well-being and effectiveness, I have learnt and discovered, hacks for accelerating this process. I am going to share one now.

When you use what I am about to offer you, the golden rule is to follow the instructions exactly and to do so with ease, lightness and an inner smile. Any effort, trying, perfectionism or over-thinking precludes it from working. This particular hack, the Freedom Process, is a keycode for accessing different states of consciousness, different facets of your true Self on-demand. You could also label the true Self as ‘Being’ or ‘Aware Presence’. Please use the Freedom Process when you have ten minutes alone, undisturbed.

  • Say out loud the following sentence once: I AM CALM & FREEDOM

  • Without going to your head to think, close your eyes and notice what is shifting in your body as CALM FREEDOM comes into your experience.

  • Allow it CALM FREEDOM to expand.

  • Allow yourself to sink into CALM FREEDOM

  • Allow yourself to BE CALM FREEDOM

It’s as simple as that.

If you allow it to work (note the key word of allowing) then your state will have shifted to CALM FREEDOM. It’s a revelation. You have allowed an aspect of who you are, to shift from the background of your experience, to the foreground.

Occasionally, for some people who have a tendency to over-thinking, rigidity or control tension and resistance will come up. If this happens, not a problem, use this phrase instead


Simply watch the resistance dissolve and the CALM FREEDOM enter in.

This is just the start. You can experiment with accessing other dimensions of your Self. Many of my clients and students particularly enjoy I AM ALIVENESS & FREEDOM. Next time you want to show up as your best and be productive and engaged, rather than shifting into the tense, heady, controlling ego, shift into ALIVENESS and show up from that.

You can also try love, stillness, spaciousness, oneness, wisdom, compassion.



Be playful, enjoy the freedom process and allow yourself to experience more deeply and fully the totally of who you are beyond what your mental chatter. This process of dis-identifying from ego (the survival-based mental construct built into our body) and re-discovering ourselves as open, aware Presence is life-changing. Again, please don’t believe me, it is for you to find out for yourself.

I wish you true happiness.

Dr Mark.

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